Psychiatric Practice


P. Lynn Ouellette MD DLFAPA

80 Raymond Road Brunswick, ME 04011


General Adult Psychiatry practice providing both psychotherapy and medication treatment for mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, OCD, anxiety and panic disorder, trauma related disorders, grief and loss, women’s issues and more. I provide care to patients ages 21 through 75. My psychotherapy approach varies as I do not believe that there is a single mode or philosophy that best meets everyone’s needs. I include trauma-informed,  psychodynamic, mindfulness,  cognitive behavioral  as well as other approaches as they best meet my patient’s needs.  If I determine that I cannot provide my patients with specialized treatment modalities that would best assist in their recovery and healing I will refer them to other clinicians who offers those treatments (such as DBT therapy, EMDR, specialized CBT treatment.) 

I have a specialty interest and education in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, providing treatment to women with depression and other mood disruptions and anxiety both during pregnancy and after having a baby.  I will also  provide preconception consultations regarding psychiatric  medication use during pregnancy. I also provide care for mental health difficulties  related to other women’s issues such as the menstrual cycle and menopause.

If that changes I will update my status here and on my voicemail. 


About Dr. Ouellette: 

I went to Tufts Medical School and completed my residency trainIng at Tufts/ New England Medical Center. I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. When I first moved to Maine in 1988 I worked at Jackson’s Brook Institute which is now Spring Harbor Hospital for two years . I have been in private practice in Brunswick, Maine and on the staff at Mid Coast Hospital since 1991. My practice has always provided general adult psychiatric care, including diagnostic evaluations, medication treatment, and psychotherapy for mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders and more. However, over the years I have developed more training and expertise in the specialty area of perinatal psychiatry and women’s reproductive psychiatry. This includes the treatment of women during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, dealing with pregnancy loss, infertility, preconception counseling, and mental health issues related to the menstrual cycle and menopause.

I most enjoy and prefer to provide both the psychotherapy and the medication treatment; my focus is not exclusively medication treatment and believe that medication treatment should always be accompanied by psychotherapy. I consider it a great privilege to do this kind of work which allows me to be let into my patients’ personal thoughts and feelings in very intimate ways and I find it very gratifying to build trusting relationships which I feel are a huge component of healing in the treatment.


     My office hours are Tuesday through Thursday 8AM to 6 or 7PM and Friday 8AM until 12PM.  I do not see patients on Mondays or on Friday afternoons though work on practice related paper work, calls, and emails on those days. I check my email frequently and my voicemail daily. My answering service is available 24 hours a day at 207-721-0080. In case of a medical emergency, you should call 911 or go to your local emergency. In case of a psychiatric crisis you may call my answering service  or call the statewide crisis line at           1-888-568-1112. 


Medication Refills

It is expected that medication refill requests will be made during appointments and that you will keep track of when you need refills. Getting a huge volume of refill requests outside of appointments has become untenable. So please remember to make an appointment in advance of needing a refill. Most maintenance medications are prescribed to last for 6 months, some can only be prescribed for three months and there will need more frequent appointments for those and any medications which are frequently being changed. 


My office files insurance claims with all insurance companies, including Medicare and except MaineCare. Your coverage for care with me may varies depending upon your insurance plan and we will discuss that at the time that we agree to make an initial appointment. I will provide a copy of  my fee schedule at the time of your initial appointment and it is listed below; I try to keep it affordable and I think you will find that it is generally lower than other psychiatrists in private practice. I am an in-network provider with CIGNA, Community Health Options, Medicare, Martin’s Point, and some Anthem plans (specifically those which utilize  Behavioral Health Care to manage behavioral health  benefits, such as MaineHealth plans, but not those which use Anthem Behavioral Health). Insurance can be complicated and difficult to navigate and we will help you to determine what your insurance will cover for your treatment with me.

FEE SCHEDULE updated January 2022

Please note that a Good Faith Estimate of what your charges will be for your treatment will be provided to anyone who will be paying out of pocket or to anyone who requests this.

90792      Initial Psychiatric Evaluation 60-90 minutes   $295 

90833      Psychotherapy 30 minutes (range16-37 min) $65  when billed with  medication management usually 99213 (see note below) 

90834      Psychotherapy 45 minutes (range 38-52 min) $180

90836.      Psychotherapy 45 (range 38-52) min $100 when billed with medication management usually 99213 (see note below).                                                                      

Most common visit for psychotherapy and meds is 99213+90836 50-60 minutes total $195

90837      Psychotherapy 60 min without medication management  $210

90838      Psychotherapy 60 (range 53-60+) min $135 when billed with medication management (see note below)

90839       Crisis Evaluation (per 60 minutes)  $275 (same) this refers to an emergency 

       evaluation, often outside of office hours, unscheduled, in response to a crisis.

90847       Family Psychotherapy 60 minutes $210

99213       Medication follow-up visit 15 minutes without psychotherapy or simple stable med management OR routine medication management combined with psychotherapy $95 ($90)

99214      Medication follow-up 30 minutes/or moderate complexity such as more than one medication or problem without psychotherapy or OR moderate complexity med management combined with psychotherapy $130 

99215      Medication follow-up visit 45 minutes or more complex such as several meds, new problems, not stable on meds, etc without psychotherapy

OR very complex medication management combined with psychotherapy $190 ($185) 

90899    “Unlisted psychiatric service or procedure” to be used for billing for obtaining unusual time consuming procedures requiring over 15 minutes such as extensive records review, preparing extra reports requiring time that is excessive beyond usual routine, etc. Not covered by insurance and billed to patient at $50 per 15 min interval

Most common codes are in bold print

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE RECEIVING PSYCHOTHERAPY AND MEDICATION TREATMENT,  current insurance standards for claims filing require that each visit be billed with one charge for psychotherapy and another charge for medication management resulting in 2 charges per one visit, most commonly 99213 or 99214 plus 90836.  Since it is assumed that the med management, which is inseparable from the therapy, also requires time in addition to the therapy itself, you are usually charged for the 45 minute therapy code (technically 38-52 minutes)  plus the 99213 or 99214 medication management code. The total visit time will usually be 50-60 minutes.

If you pay for services out of pocket and I do not file claims with your insurance company, I will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate of what the cost of your treatment will be.